The simple meaning of success is fulfilling the purpose why you were created into this earth. Purpose is the original intent of a thing for the existence of that thing that was in the mind of the maker. There is intent and a specific reason for your creation. Your life was preplanned and organized even before you were born. So you are not a mistake you are a special breed with a special assignment.

In today’s world, so many have defined success wrongly. So many believe to be successful is to acquire all the wealth in the world. This kind of mindset has limited of our youths and young graduates, making it impossible for them to fulfill their destinies. To live a life without impact is to merely exist. We were not created to just exist; we were created to reign and live life to its fullest. Man was not created to be a victim of circumstances, man was created to take hold of every circumstance and overcome it. Genesis 1:28 says;

“And God blessed them and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the surface of the earth”.


Wow! That was a done deal for man, a dominion mandate and a life of purpose.

The truth about life is that the world we live in is governed by certain laws and principles e.g. the law of gravity and the law of aerodynamics etc. Working against principles has crippled so many lives. So many believe that success is all about enjoying life all by me and for myself. You will never achieve real success when you are only concern about your life. Your life is too big to be all about you. In fact you are limiting God when you are only thinking about yourself.

Don’t worry about life anymore; you may be thinking how will I get out of this financial mess or how will my life gets better? You can succeed without having to cut corners or stealing. In fact a whole lot depend on your reputation, integrity and track record. These are the major currencies in the business world today.

You may be jobless or looking for job, there is no cause for alarm. Man was not created for job man was created for work. You can be sacked at any time out of your job but you can never be sacked out of your work. Job is for a while and work is for a life time. Job tends to poverty while work makes you successful. Your destiny depends a whole lot on your work. Your destiny is not dependent on any job or the economy of the world, your destiny is in your hands. You are not ordinary! There was something created for you to do from creation.

You are a solution provider; you were born for a special assignment. There are some ingredients in you that make you different from the 6.7billion people in the world. What do I mean? There are some qualities in you that make you different from others. What are you passionate about? What is that thing that excites you whenever you hear about it? That particular thing is what God has called you into. Follow your passion. The most successful people in the world are people that are meeting other people’s need. Your need will be met when you start meeting other people’s need. Just start something, if you are already working in your purpose just keep doing it. The world will only follow you when you know where you are going and you are fully convinced about where you are going. It is in the process of meeting other people’s need that your need will be met. Men of purpose are men with a defined sense of direction; they never live life by chance. They live life with a sense of purpose.

Life does not give you what you deserve, life only give to you what you demand. Don’t live life dejected with self-pity, live life joyfully with a sense of purpose. Don’t look at the now always look into the future with your power of imagination. Be visionary and purposeful about life. Your purpose in life is tied to your God-given ability. Be diligent about it and you will stand before Kings and not mean men. ‘Proverb 22:29” Never give up because your generation is counting on you. You shall fulfill destiny!


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