Learn to Say “I’m the First one” Instead of “I’m the only one”

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“Everyone has got a smart phone”.  That’s what Mary said when she came home from school one day.  Her mother asked her about it.  She discovered only a few children in Mary’s class Smartphone.  Somehow they were the children everyone else wanted to be like because their parents had more money.  Mary wasn’t deliberately telling a lie.  It seemed to her that all the children she admired had smartphone so she said “Everyone has got a smartphone”.  Have you ever done that?

“Everyone is doing…” That is another dangerous ‘everyone’.  Teenagers use it to persuade their parents to let them go to bad parties or to see wrong films that they know their parents wouldn’t approve of.  It is a result of peer pressure.

“I’m the only one who…” is usually wrong as well. “I’m the only one who doesn’t have money to get a coke every day.” “I’m the only one who doesn’t have a boy-friend.” I’m the only one who doesn’t stay up till I am on Saturdays.” “I’m the only one who isn’t allowed to go to that party.”

Probably you are not the only one.  Most people in your group don’t have or do those things either.  “I’m the only one” makes you feel sorry for yourself.  It may lead you to do things you will be sorry that you did.

“I’m the first one”

Instead of saying “I’m the only one”, dare to be different.  Rather say “I’m the first one”.  Be a strong person who can help your friends and your class to be good people and to do good things.  If you can say “I’m the first one who…” you will find that others will soon join you.

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