There have been controversies as to whether a Christian especially the youth should listen to Secular music. In this survey we ask young Christians about their view on the subject matter and here is what they have to say. We believe that you will read and be blessed. feel free to share your own view with us.

Before answering the questions, there’s something’s I want to explain.The number one reason God created us is for us to worship Him and no one can worship our creator acceptably except in spirit and in truth.

However, He gave us the power of choice – the ability to choose. It’s left for us to either worship Him or worship the devil.

People believe generally that worshiping God is done only when we sing slow songs. But it’s not true. Whatsoever a man does is an act of worship to God, that is our behavior, offerings, prayers, studying the word, going to Church, evangelism, our services to God  etc. are all act of worship to him.

But what the devil does is to make sure that worship doesn’t reach God always. That’s why he is always trying to distract and causes all manner of things to frustrate us from offering a true worship to God.

Now secular simply means – “Without God”. Jesus is the word but the world doesn’t like him because His is the light and wherever there’s light everything in the dark is exposed. Whenever the name Jesus is been mentioned people don’t like it because it Judges them. So, the tactics the enemy use is to secularize everything by removing God from songs. Secular also mean fighting against God. When we don’t do what God created us for (to worship him) we are simply fighting against Him.

We are meant to preach the good news (Jesus) to the four corners of the earth with songs, sermon, lifestyle etc. Jesus must be the center, for without him there’s no message even in singing. As a gospel artist you are to talk about him to the world not about yourself. That’s why any secular singer cannot worship God.

A Christian youth shouldn’t play or listen to secular songs because it doesn’t glorify God. Remember, our reason for existence is to worship God.

Effects of Secular Music on Christian Youths

Secular songs do affect one spiritual life. Every song has a source and they are two sources – Holy Spirit or demonic spirits. All songs have a spirit backing them up. What secular songs does is to arouse an unclean thoughts in our heart (thoughts that don’t glorify God) and the Bible warned us to always guide our heart diligently for from out of it flows the issues if life.  If you listen to secular songs as a born again Christian, is a matter of time for u to backslide.

BY Victoria Ojochenemi – Lokoja Nigeria

Do you have a view about it to share others? then feel free to send as a message to the following Whatsapp numbers 234 (0) 816 730 3467


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