An old man attended a seminar where a professor was giving a speech about Jesus. When the professor ended his speech, after saying several things to prove that Jesus is not God and that he is not responsible for people’s fortune, he gave room for questions from the audience about the non-existence of Jesus! Sooner, the old man who sat in the audience quickly reached out to his bag, removed an apple, took  a bite and walk his way to the front where the professor was standing; as he approached the professor he asked him loudly, “Do you know the taste of this apple in my mouth?” The professor responded, “I don’t know unless you give me some to taste,” “but why”, the old man asked curiously, “it is because I’m not the one eating it”, the professor responded. The old man now looked into the professor’s eyeball and said “the reason you have said all these things about Jesus is because you have not tasted my Jesus. If you have, you won’t speak in this manner, and since you have not tasted him, I don’t think you have the right to talk about him in the first place”. The professor became mute and dumb founded. And the whole audience rose and applauded the old man.

Friends have you tasted Him? I mean JESUS. Have you really allowed him to take over the lordship of your life? If not, then “Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see — how good this God is. Blessed are you who run to him”. (Psalm 34:8 THE MESSAGE)


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