By Odesola Taiwo

Seeing a sexy girl, drew close and tried to observe with an eagle eye searching intently for a precious gold; gold so beautiful and comforting but not easily found. Disappointed as I couldn’t find, then I wonder what attracted me in the first place. Bite my fingers in annoyance as I move close to what looked like is been decorated with this precious gold turning at a glance to be a mirage. What a deception I had fallen for?

Such is the path of a woman who decorates and paints herself with all the expensive and extravagances; like the whole of house of ‘’Tara was built up in her’’ she is well polished with paint from the ten toes and fingers she inherited through the wonderful work of DNA from her parents, to her lips pouted in love shape, the eyelids and cheek resembling that of a carroty. All colours complete and in rhyme out of the colour wheel been taught in fine art.

As if that was not enough, all over the head is a bogus, flamboyant artificial hair extension extending down to her buttocks, she is well informed that the opposite sex are easily attracted by seeing, so she invests all she has to achieve this one goal. Picking up revealing clothes (laying bare her natural endowment which clothes was meant to cover) that which suits her class. Making men fall at her sight. It is surely a mission accomplished. A lady once called this her ministry!

Such is a goal of a woman whose breasts are uncovered! She intentionally shows her cleavages. Fresh and smooth thighs laid bare like meat for the dogs. Her goals to attract men and make herself feel sexy are good but only good for the accomplishment of the assignment of her fathers – the Satan! He has cleverly presented his proposal, well garnished with lies that “this is the trend”, he made them believe that they are not beautiful without exposing themselves. You also chose to sign in for the devil’s proposal since the day you started feeling good about going half naked.

They were ashamed…

Our primitive parents felt ashamed of their nakedness and hid themselves from the presence of God. The story has changed nowadays, when you see youth freely singing the lord’s praise with unholy, deceptive and alluring appearances in His holy house, hiding under the banner of; God looks at the heart and wants us to worship in truth and in Spirit. We fail to admit that our appearances reflect who we are inside. It reflects the state of your hearts.

Oh! I pity the men

We throw men into confusion in church by making them concentrate on our exposed cleavages and thighs instead of the word of God being preached. We forgot that we are doomed if we make any man fall, I really pity women the most. Come to think of it, apart from the feel of ‘’sexy”, what else do you get out of those indecent dresses; probably you don’t know, indecent dresses makes you cheap in the sight of men and the society at large. It Makes them see the irresponsibility in you, makes ungodly men run after you like dogs at the sight of meat, devour that thing beneath your skirt and dispose you like bones. You leave, though empty inside, but still feeling hot! The next guy grabs you, use and dumps. Isn’t it clear enough that the devil is manipulating you to destroy your life? Okay, Can you please sit, using law of diminishing return; calculate the substance that will be left for your husband? And the values indecent dressings have taken away from you? I need you need to go look for common sense. In case you don’t know, indecent dressing will take you to hell if you don’t repent. To be continued…


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