Because the prodigal left his father’s home he got reduced to the utmost infamy and wretchedness. Moral separation from God is ruin. Cut the branch from the root and it withers; the river from its source, and it dries up; the planet from the sun, and it rushes into ruin.

Nothing will remove the evils under which society is groaning but a return unto God. Legislation, commerce, science, literature, art, none of these will help it much so long as it continues away from Him.

Before You Go Down The Road, Hear This!

By Odesola Taiwo

There is always an imaginary road which everyone follows in life. It is obvious that, at every stage of life, we find ourselves at a crossroad! A junction between making decisions. And each times, the kind of decision made, determines the road we followed, the road we followed, determines the kind of attitudes we put on, our kind of attitudes determines our character, our character determines our destiny, the later which reveals the end of our life. So, it is very crucial to watch the roads we follow…



At every stage we get to decide for ourselves as we grow up;

  • The kind of fashion we go with
  • The kind of friends we choose.
  • The kind of career we go for.
  • You choose whether to take alcohol or not.
  • You choose to smoke or not
  • You choose whether to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or not.
  • You choose whether to have sex with your boy/girlfriend or not.
  • To indulge in exam malpractices or not.

These Roads May Seem Right or Wrong

All these roads have attractions, so convincing and alluring. You always want to explore, everyone is going down that Lain, your friends are doing it, it has become a norm. In all these temptations and anxieties, always remember that, there is a way that seems man right to a man but the end thereof is destruction.

I don’t mean that you are not matured enough to decide. But just for the sake of your future which is certainly unknown to any man. “The eyes has not seen, the ears has not heard, neither has it come to the knowledge of any man, what the lord is set to do with your life”.

You need to look beyond your own carnal eyes and look through the eyes of the lord, because he knows the end from the beginning. “I know you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born, I set you apart says the lord. Eph.5:10 says, carefully determines what pleases the lord for your own personal life and that will guide you in decision making.


Do not go down the road of the immoral…the sexually per versed, the mockers of Christian faith. 1 Cor 5:11. “Now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral. Do not even eat with such people.


You should not go because it will end your life in shambles. The plan of God for your life will be obstructed. The road leads to eternal destruction so don’t go down that road.