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img-20161006-wa0006Born and brought up in Borno State, Nigeria. Mathias Zakka is a Medical Doctor with Federal Medical Centre, Janlingo. He was among the fortunate few to be brought up in the way of the lord from childhood.  He is a strong believer and advocate of sexual purity both before and during marriage and his passion is to see both old and young people living a life above any form of sexual sin.

He has been working with children and young people as far back as 1992, serving as a Sunday school teacher, president of Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), and youth missionary. He attended University of Maiduguri and Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Dr Zakka, will be employing his personal and professional experience and divine inspiration to deal with the issue of sex from both medical and spiritual perspective. Please stay tune and don’t miss out.


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My Humble Summation as we Witness Another Christmas


Throwback to some years ago, I always looked forward for Christmas seasons, reasons been that, I saw it as times where I get to eat plenty “good food” & meat, wear “Christmas clothes”, see relatives I haven’t seen in a while, embarked on various visits, travels, adventures & journeys. I also realized that people were unusually generous during the season, so I get quite a good sum of freebies then. Hence Christmas was always what keeping my eyes on the road for.

Today as I grow older, I see people with many motives, intentions & reasons for Christmas. Just like poor me, most of their rationale are good but are not the reason for the season.
I watched people caught in the mist of activities, the glamour, celebration without the Celebrant in the picture. Shame.

Long story cut short, my humble summation as we witness another Christmas period, I will encourage us to:
1. Look beyond activities and see The reason for the season. (JESUS)
2. See this period as an opportunity to reflect Christ. (What Will Jesus Do WWJD).
3. Not just share gifts with friends and love ones but to give them the ultimate Gift of salvation (Jesus)
4. Make our world better; Add JESUS….

Merry Christmas.

Sam Peters.


Because the prodigal left his father’s home he got reduced to the utmost infamy and wretchedness. Moral separation from God is ruin. Cut the branch from the root and it withers; the river from its source, and it dries up; the planet from the sun, and it rushes into ruin.

Nothing will remove the evils under which society is groaning but a return unto God. Legislation, commerce, science, literature, art, none of these will help it much so long as it continues away from Him.


An old man attended a seminar where a professor was giving a speech about Jesus. When the professor ended his speech, after saying several things to prove that Jesus is not God and that he is not responsible for people’s fortune, he gave room for questions from the audience about the non-existence of Jesus! Sooner, the old man who sat in the audience quickly reached out to his bag, removed an apple, took  a bite and walk his way to the front where the professor was standing; as he approached the professor he asked him loudly, “Do you know the taste of this apple in my mouth?” The professor responded, “I don’t know unless you give me some to taste,” “but why”, the old man asked curiously, “it is because I’m not the one eating it”, the professor responded. The old man now looked into the professor’s eyeball and said “the reason you have said all these things about Jesus is because you have not tasted my Jesus. If you have, you won’t speak in this manner, and since you have not tasted him, I don’t think you have the right to talk about him in the first place”. The professor became mute and dumb founded. And the whole audience rose and applauded the old man.

Friends have you tasted Him? I mean JESUS. Have you really allowed him to take over the lordship of your life? If not, then “Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see — how good this God is. Blessed are you who run to him”. (Psalm 34:8 THE MESSAGE)


Directorate of Missions and Associates

FCS Headquarters, Opposite Building Materials Market, Jos



FCS is the Fellowship of Christian Students, launched in 1954, inaugurated in 1957 and registered with the Federal Government in 1976. FCS has its National Headquarters in Jos, Plateau State, and it is divided into 9 Areas constituted by 26 States and made up of 177 zones.

FCS is a Para Church and interdenominational Organization, an expression of Church in Schools. We compliment what the Church is doing howbeit in the school environment. As the Church caters for its members in the various Local Assemblies, so FCS cater for their children who are students in the various schools they attend. We have recorded numerous transformation stories from students across our various branches.

FCS is relevant because many youths do not go to Church and may not go to Church but are in Schools and are being reached, evangelized and discipled through FCS.  We are a Christian Students Ministry reaching Pupils in Primary Schools, Teenagers in Secondary Schools and Young Adults in Tertiary Schools across Nigeria.

What we do could be summarised by Isaiah 54: 13 which says “And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.We strongly believe that if the youths are properly evangelized and discipled to be like Christ, the world will be at peace.

We believe God is calling on you to invest your time and resources here. FCS is a fertile field to sow your seeds.


Be a Groaner – Pray for:

  • Men for the work
  • Materials for the work
  • Money for the work

Be a Goer

Enlist for active Schools Ministry and visitation.

Be a Giver – Contribute your time, materials and money for the work.

In addition, as a church, we can allow our members to share about the FCS with the Church periodically. If the Lord is laying on your heart to be part of this life transforming programs, please take time out to feel this form below.

We will be glad if you can be part of FCS life transforming programs, we will be extremely happy for your desire to partner with us in serving God in FCS. Please kindly complete and submit this partnership form which will help us further in assisting you to fulfill your intention. (The information will be treated confidentially).

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My First Kiss


By Odesola Taiwo

“You say you love the rain, but you open your umbrella when it rains. You say you love the sun, but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines. You say you love the wind, but you close your windows when wind blows. That’s why I’m afraid to say that I love you”.

This was a message that cut my attention as I glanced through my mails that morning. Frank who has been having a crush on me right from high school sent me this mail after making several fruitless advances towards getting my attention. All the while I’ve pretended not to like him because I used to be a decent girl while growing up. I wouldn’t want to fail neither my parents who have confidence in me, nor my pastor who always looked at me as a model sweet sixteen among the teens.

It was on a valentine day just after Frank and I got admission into same university. It was not a coincidence in Frank’s part rather it was another great opportunity for him to win my uncompromising heart. After reading the mail, I was down thinking, though never had intention of hooking up with any guy till my third year, because I wanted to face my studies squarely and hooking up could be a lot of distractions.

Still pondering on the mail, my phone rang. It was frank. He asked if I could come on a date with him that night at a guesthouse close to my school. At first I didn’t like the idea, but I gave it a second thought considering the fact that Frank has been someone I had admired secretly. I gave a positive response to his.

After that night we got talking and later he demanded for a kiss – my first kiss – which I gave him, he then asked for something that I have treasured all this while – My Virginity. But I resisted that day. My resistance persisted until after three attempts. But after his third attempt, I was scared of losing him totally. Lacking idea of what next to do, wanting to keep him but avoiding to yield to his request, I was then found at a cross road of either to lose him or to comprise my stands. Obviously he wasn’t getting a very clear “NO” from Me. Then he knew I could submit after further persuasions. Having read really wide on how to escape the consequences of sex and STDs, my logistics were decent and my level of desire was raised high. I resolved to giving him a chance. With full confidence that I can avoid the dangers of pre-marital sex. I removed the umbrella while in the rain to show my love to the rain, I stayed under the scorching heat of the sun to make the sunshine happy. I opened my windows not minding the wind. But alas, my dead weight could not bear the force of the wind. The wind neglected my outward beauty, prestige, friends……. It attacked my spirit, soul and body.

Little did I know that the contraceptive that Frank used failed. I got pregnant and we decided to abort it. We went to a far place in order to protect my integrity. On our way to the hospital we fell into the hand of the arm robbers. All attempts made to heed to toes was met with two bullets from their Ak47 separating my epithelial tissue down to the sebaceous gland before reaching out for my femur. The next thing, I saw myself in the hospital with a device hung for administering fluid into my veins. Mum was right beside me with a facial expression of a depressed and disappointed poor woman.

Ouch! My life was blown away from God’s presence, and my soul was given to the devil. My spirit was no longer sensitive to His voice. I was driven out of His tent, my soul was disturbed. I tried to put myself together, got back on my feet and move on with my life, but the ground was slippery. Despite the sunshine, my days are dark and cold. Walking during daylight does not stop me from stumbling. I could not attain the best of my academics because understanding becomes rare for me. Oh just because of My first kiss!

First kiss is the beginning of some people’s joy if it is done at the right and God’s own time but mine opens door for trauma. My pain is like a rain falling in stream of tears. Had I known I wouldn’t have submitted to him. My dreams, ambition, talent, vision, purpose was aborted in the twinkle of an eye. May be, if I come to this world again I may achieve my aim.

Young lady! Did I just heard saying your own story can never be as worst as this? It may interest you to know that each steps you take towards compromising your moral stands is a gradual process to a similar life as the girl in this story; an emotional ‘shatteredness’ and destiny wretchedness. Don’t you think it will be wise to watch your steps? You’re your eyes. Remember life is a seed. Whatever foundation you lay now must reflect in whatever building we see tomorrow. So be wise!

Do you have an article that you think can bless the life of guys and girls out there, then feel free to share it with us and we will publish it on this blog.

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Learn to Say “I’m the First one” Instead of “I’m the only one”

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“Everyone has got a smart phone”.  That’s what Mary said when she came home from school one day.  Her mother asked her about it.  She discovered only a few children in Mary’s class Smartphone.  Somehow they were the children everyone else wanted to be like because their parents had more money.  Mary wasn’t deliberately telling a lie.  It seemed to her that all the children she admired had smartphone so she said “Everyone has got a smartphone”.  Have you ever done that?

“Everyone is doing…” That is another dangerous ‘everyone’.  Teenagers use it to persuade their parents to let them go to bad parties or to see wrong films that they know their parents wouldn’t approve of.  It is a result of peer pressure.

“I’m the only one who…” is usually wrong as well. “I’m the only one who doesn’t have money to get a coke every day.” “I’m the only one who doesn’t have a boy-friend.” I’m the only one who doesn’t stay up till I am on Saturdays.” “I’m the only one who isn’t allowed to go to that party.”

Probably you are not the only one.  Most people in your group don’t have or do those things either.  “I’m the only one” makes you feel sorry for yourself.  It may lead you to do things you will be sorry that you did.

“I’m the first one”

Instead of saying “I’m the only one”, dare to be different.  Rather say “I’m the first one”.  Be a strong person who can help your friends and your class to be good people and to do good things.  If you can say “I’m the first one who…” you will find that others will soon join you. Continue reading “Learn to Say “I’m the First one” Instead of “I’m the only one””

You Can Stop Job Hunting and Still Become Great

The simple meaning of success is fulfilling the purpose why you were created into this earth. Purpose is the original intent of a thing for the existence of that thing that was in the mind of the maker. There is intent and a specific reason for your creation. Your life was preplanned and organized even before you were born. So you are not a mistake you are a special breed with a special assignment.

In today’s world, so many have defined success wrongly. So many believe to be successful is to acquire all the wealth in the world. This kind of mindset has limited of our youths and young graduates, making it impossible for them to fulfill their destinies. To live a life without impact is to merely exist. We were not created to just exist; we were created to reign and live life to its fullest. Man was not created to be a victim of circumstances, man was created to take hold of every circumstance and overcome it. Genesis 1:28 says;

“And God blessed them and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the surface of the earth”.


Wow! That was a done deal for man, a dominion mandate and a life of purpose.

The truth about life is that the world we live in is governed by certain laws and principles e.g. the law of gravity and the law of aerodynamics etc. Working against principles has crippled so many lives. So many believe that success is all about enjoying life all by me and for myself. You will never achieve real success when you are only concern about your life. Your life is too big to be all about you. In fact you are limiting God when you are only thinking about yourself.

Don’t worry about life anymore; you may be thinking how will I get out of this financial mess or how will my life gets better? You can succeed without having to cut corners or stealing. In fact a whole lot depend on your reputation, integrity and track record. These are the major currencies in the business world today.

You may be jobless or looking for job, there is no cause for alarm. Man was not created for job man was created for work. You can be sacked at any time out of your job but you can never be sacked out of your work. Job is for a while and work is for a life time. Job tends to poverty while work makes you successful. Your destiny depends a whole lot on your work. Your destiny is not dependent on any job or the economy of the world, your destiny is in your hands. You are not ordinary! There was something created for you to do from creation.

You are a solution provider; you were born for a special assignment. There are some ingredients in you that make you different from the 6.7billion people in the world. What do I mean? There are some qualities in you that make you different from others. What are you passionate about? What is that thing that excites you whenever you hear about it? That particular thing is what God has called you into. Follow your passion. The most successful people in the world are people that are meeting other people’s need. Your need will be met when you start meeting other people’s need. Just start something, if you are already working in your purpose just keep doing it. The world will only follow you when you know where you are going and you are fully convinced about where you are going. It is in the process of meeting other people’s need that your need will be met. Men of purpose are men with a defined sense of direction; they never live life by chance. They live life with a sense of purpose.

Life does not give you what you deserve, life only give to you what you demand. Don’t live life dejected with self-pity, live life joyfully with a sense of purpose. Don’t look at the now always look into the future with your power of imagination. Be visionary and purposeful about life. Your purpose in life is tied to your God-given ability. Be diligent about it and you will stand before Kings and not mean men. ‘Proverb 22:29” Never give up because your generation is counting on you. You shall fulfill destiny!