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Seeing changes on my body was not funny. It was so strange; I couldn’t imagine that I was beginning to really look like my mummy. The features I saw on mummy were beginning to show on me too. I felt so embarrassed. I couldn’t even tell mummy about it. What in the world was happening to me? Was this how it happened to mum? My goodness! I was so scared and confused. Little did I know that I was on the path to puberty.


What puberty is?

Puberty is when you start making the change from being a child to being an adult. What is responsible for these changes? How do they come about? At puberty, a girl’s ovaries start to produce hormones; Oestrogen and progesterone. The effects of these hormones are seen on the body as well as on the womb (uterus). So the changes are preparation for motherhood; that sounds scary right? Don’t worry. They cause breasts and hair growth, body change to that of a typical female, menstruation and also mood changes.

Handling the Changes

How do I handle this? I asked myself, I asked my friends in school to know if they were going through similar changes. Then I found out I was not the only one. Sigh of relief. So what do I do? I need to take care of these changes. By now I was more sensitive to boys around me. I wanted to appear attractive to them.  Of course is all part of puberty. So I knew I needed to bath every day and keep clean, wash my underwear every day to avoid bad odours and to be confident.

The Pain of Menstruation

What about those mood swings? At a moment I felt like laughing, at the next I felt like crying. I wanted to be stable. Hmm, these changes must have really come to stay. Menstrual pain made me sick. I never looked forward to the experience. Could this be what the senior girls and the female teachers in my school talked about? Oh no! What do I do? So I started studying myself. I learnt that exercise relieves the pain. Hot water therapy (drinking hot water coffee or using hot water bottle on the tummy) also helps. Drugs can be used too but the drugs have side effects which I didn’t want to experience. So I would rather do exercises.

Going emotional

I became so conscious of the presence of boys around me. I started growing emotional feelings for them. But I had heard mum and some other elderly women say that if a girl comes close to a boy, she will get pregnant. Ha! I don’t want to get pregnant. I want to study; I want to become a professional whom everyone in the society respects. But does that mean I won’t talk to them? I want to talk to them. I want them to be my friends. I learnt that I can talk to them, they can even be my friends but I must be careful not to allow them touch my body anyhow. I must not be sexually involved with them. If not, my dream could get dashed.


My Counsel

Entering into the stage of puberty can be strange and embarrassing. However, it is a reality you must accept. You need to handle it properly so that you don’t look back at that stage and regret you did the things you did. Talk to mummy about the changes you see. Remember mum has passed through the stage. You can talk to aunties too. But make sure they are goodly ones. You will be helped.

As I grew, I learnt that I can talk to God about everything and anything. So I would tell God every month that I don’t want pain during my period he will answer me. Funny right? It works. Tell God about everything and he will help you.

If you are blessed share with your friends. For counselling and questions Contact +2348167303461, +2348065555588,

HIV/AIDS: What You Can do as Individual and as a Church


What can you do? How can you make the difference? Firstly, always start with what you already have. It’s a scriptural principle. God’s work done in God’s way never lacks God’s supplies, as Hudson Taylor, the famous missionary to china once said. So what is God calling you to do? What has he laid on your heart?

You need neither funds nor large team to start. It costs nothing to care for a friend or neighbor, or to talk to your own children and colleagues about HIV and AIDS, or to include HIV issues in your church teaching, programme, work training schemes, or school curriculum. Together we can make real difference.

You may not be able to save the whole world but you can save someone getting HIV somewhere. You may not be able to help all those with HIV or orphaned by it, but you can give practical help and encouragement to a few and you can get involved in other projects that are already running. But do it all in fellowship with others. Such work can be stressful, draining and lonely and you will need people supporting you too.

What about larger projects? Thousands of programmes have been developed, countless papers published and millions of dollars expended in the struggle against HIV/AIDS. Yet spread of the pandemic rapidly continues.  Many governments and NGO agencies now recognize that their strategies are failing to stem the tide, yet continue to pump money into condom distribution alone and one-off awareness campaigns, neither of which address related problems such as poverty, education, the right of the women, and broader lifestyle questions.

Look around you; there is certainly something you can, no matter how small. Do something to day.

To know more about FCS  HIV response project and how to partner with us, contact or call Mr Zakka; 08065555577, 08065555588. Visit

AIDS and YOU: Nowhere To Go

By Patrick Dixon

Is it Really Worse Than Cancer?

Imagine that you go the doctor because you have been feeling very run down and tired for the last few weeks. He sends you to the clinic where they do one or two tests. Before you know what is happening they have rushed you up to the ward. They do some more tests and everyone runs around looking very worried.

Then the doctor comes in and tells you that you are seriously ill and you will need to have a big operation tomorrow. He says you will be in for at least a week. Two days later you have a very rare form of cancer. It is very advanced and the outlook is terrible.

Your whole world has fallen apart in an instant: all your hopes and dreams for the future have been dashed. It cannot really be true. It is hard to take in: your plans for training, a job, a home of your own, maybe to get married and have children have been crushed.

Your parents are beside each other with worry and grief. What kind of a world is it where children die before their parents? It is like whole natural order has been turned upside down.

No Where to go

Feeling Suicidal

But AIDS can seem worse than any of this. What would you do if you went to give blood and a few days later a letter came asking you to re-attend, and when you got back a man there tell you that your blood has been tested positive for HIV?

Sometimes I asked a class at school this same question and many people tell me that they would commit suicide. They could not face the thought of everyone wondering how they had got it. How could they tell Dad? Could they tell him about using drugs, or having been with many women, or being gay and having sex with lots of other boys and men?

Many people do feel like committing suicide and some actually do, just after finding out about AIDS or an early infection, which is why so much care and support is needed after someone has been told. A friend of mine who is a doctor was shocked one day to wake up in the morning and find that someone had gassed himself with the exhaust. He had discharged himself against advice from the AIDS ward just a few hours previously. He could not face the thought of life with AIDS.

Do not stigmatize or judge HIV positive people, they need your care more. They can live their normal life and fulfill their destiny. Support an AIDS patient today.


By Uncle Philips Babarinde


Many Students are going through their academic pursuit with much difficulty. This is not necessarily because they are not brilliant enough but partly because they are ignorant of certain things that could help them in their studies.

In this paper we shall look at Four Ds of academic success as a way to help student maintain a great academic performance while at the same time growing in the grace of knowing, obeying and serving God.


Divine Mission

Your admission is not a coincidence nor is it by chance. God planned and executed it – thus, you are in school right now by divine ordination, and for a divine mission and assignment. God has a master plan for your life, for which you were born Jer 29:11, Jer 1:5.

Whereas you think you are in school to pursue a certificate, your ultimate purpose however, is to fulfill a divine mission. Living with this sense of divine mission is the key to  everything else that you will be doing – the way you attend to your lectures and assignments, the way you behave, the company you keep, where you go, how you use your time, etc.



“One reason many students perform poorly in school is that they never made up their minds to succeed in the first place” -Aloy Onyeka

Some reasons for poor Academic performance

That feeling that the first year is meant to enjoy the “campus life” Wrong perception of academic freedom

Inferiority complez.Superiority complex, So do away with all forms of complexes

Excelling in your academics requires deliberate and conscious effort.

One thing that will help you to be deliberate about your studies is to have a goal. Set goals for what you want to by the end of your 3, 4, 5 or 6 years in school. Set goal for what you want to achieve every semester and session. Set goal for the grade you want to obtain in every course. Set goal for how to read, attend classes and do your assignments. Set goals for the way you will live on campus in view of your divine mission.



Prov  14: 23; 13:4; 22:29; 10:4 and 6:9 -11

Diligence is a key to success not only in academics but in all areas of life. Diligence simply put is to be hard working or industrious. There is no such thing as cheap success.  God’s favour does not cancel out human responsibilities.  Diligence implies doing the right thing at the right time. It entails effectiveness and efficiency. Diligence is knowing what to avoid and what to do in order to achieve your goals.

Things to avoid

Avoid procrastination: procrastination is the thief of time.

Avoid excessive sleep ( Prov 6: 9 -11).

Avoid unnecessary travelling

Avoid idle discussion

Avoid keeping bad company and involvement in secret cults. ( 1Cor 15:33)

Avoid too many social and spiritual activities

Avoid emotional attachment to the opposite sex

Avoid lack of interest in a course

Avoid developing cold feelings towards a lecturer

Avoid examination malpractices

Things to do

Participate in study group discussions/ tutorials

Seek for help when you don’t understand – from lecturers and mates

Do your assignment and submit at the right time

Use past questions

Write all your test and examinations

Monitor your results and performances: Know how to calculate your GPA and CGPA



The physical is controlled by the spiritual. There is a spiritual dimension to your academics. Neglecting the spiritual has caused many the frustration of their academic pursuit in life. Though God want you to succeed, the devil and his cohorts are not going to fold their arms and see you get there so cheaply. The forces contending against us are stronger than we are. Thus we need God to help us fight them (2Cor 10:3-4; Eph 6:12-13) Therefore, in addition to all that has been said you need to depend on God if you truly want to succeed academically.

Praying unceasingly and prevailingly

Pray for general success.

Pray against all the wiles of the devil.

Pray for wisdom and understanding 9 Dan 1:17 -20; Jam 1:5, 17).

Pray while you are reading (Matt 14:26). Pray for difficult courses (Phil 4:13).

Pray for difficult lecturers. Pray before, during and after your exams.

Maintaining your spiritual disciplines

Participate actively in Fellowship activities.

Do your personal quiet time daily.

Determine to please God all time and in all situations (1 Cor 10:31)

Maintaining your spiritual disciplines

Participate actively in Fellowship activities.

Do your personal quiet time daily.

Determine to please God all time and in all situations (1 Cor 10:31)

Secular Music in the Church

 By Adegoke Adewunmi Oyindamola

I don’t get it, what is Korede Bello doing on the altar of God singing ‘godwin’ (definitely with a small g’)? I mean, it’s really disturbing. Let’s get this straight, whatever is worldly is WORLDLY! The fact that the song has “god” in it doesn’t certify it for believers’ consumption. The word of God says we shouldn’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers. That he sang and put God’s name in it doesn’t mean he got his inspiration from Him or he sang it to glorify Him (God).

It’s a fact that whatever the Lord can give, the devil can also give (which is definitely the counterfeit of what God gives). The Lord cannot give you an inspiration to write a song that glorifies him and still give you  inspiration to write one that glorifies the world…it’s either you ‘re for God or against Him, there’s no sitting on the fence.


I don’t have any problem with Korede Bello (as he has chosen his path), it’s our Pastors and church leaderships I have great issues with! They defile the ALTAR of God in unthinkable ways.. like the above. Kai!!!! This change we are clamoring for must start from/with our churches!

Music in church


This generation is set to root out unfamiliar doctrines in our churches!!! I mean, not everyone is an ‘adult’ in Christ, we definitely  have ‘babies’ who are still been fed with ‘milk’ please leaders stop giving these people ‘contaminated milk’ to feed on, let no believer think it’s ok to buy Korede Bello or whoever’s album because it has a track that refers to God ( the godwin)and when they ask you, you would say: “…ehn I bought it because of that godwin track o, besides my Pastor invited him to our church one time like that to perform the song”

Please let’s not be misled, choose your church, Pastor and ‘Father-in-the-Lord’ VERY WISELY!!! The devil doesn’t steal from you at once, he kills slowly, and he’s very strategic! Don’t let doctrines toss you to and Fro, STAND firm in Christ Jesus!



The Story was told how an Eskimo kills a wolf.

An Eskimo is a member of the very cold northern areas of North America, Russia and Greenland.

He coats his knife blade with blood and let it freeze. Then he adds another coat of blood and then another. As each coat freezes, he adds another smear of blood until the blade is hidden deep within a substantial thickness of frozen blood. Then he buries the Knife-blade up in the frozen tundra.

The wolf catches the scent of fresh blood and begins to lick it. The wolf licks more feverishly until the blade is bare.

Then he keeps on licking harder and harder. Because of the cold, he never notices the pains of the blade on his tongue. It’s cravings for taste of blood is so great that he does not realize its taste has been satisfied by its own blood. It licks the blade till it bleeds to death, swallowing its own life.

This is exactly same way the devil works in us. He gives us a taste of sin, knowing we will crave for more. We go deeper and deeper in satisfying the begging desires. We never notice the blade inside until it is too late. For some, only when they are dying do they come to sudden realization that they have swallowed their own life in sin.

However, God is calling us today;

‘Return, O dying Israel, to the Lord your God. Your sins have been your downfall!’ Hosea 14:1.

God is still willing and waiting to help you out of your self-destruction, it should be clear to you that willful sinners are self-destroyers. But God is reaching out to you saying O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help, (Hos 13:9)”.

Would you love to run to him for help today?  Then Repent of your sins, ask God to forgive you all the act of self-destruction and ask Jesus to save you. Have faith in God, He still loves you that is why you are alive to right this piece today.

For more inquiries, and counselling  Visit our official website or call +2348167303461, Write us a mail email


By Odesola Taiwo

Seeing a sexy girl, drew close and tried to observe with an eagle eye searching intently for a precious gold; gold so beautiful and comforting but not easily found. Disappointed as I couldn’t find, then I wonder what attracted me in the first place. Bite my fingers in annoyance as I move close to what looked like is been decorated with this precious gold turning at a glance to be a mirage. What a deception I had fallen for?

Such is the path of a woman who decorates and paints herself with all the expensive and extravagances; like the whole of house of ‘’Tara was built up in her’’ she is well polished with paint from the ten toes and fingers she inherited through the wonderful work of DNA from her parents, to her lips pouted in love shape, the eyelids and cheek resembling that of a carroty. All colours complete and in rhyme out of the colour wheel been taught in fine art.

As if that was not enough, all over the head is a bogus, flamboyant artificial hair extension extending down to her buttocks, she is well informed that the opposite sex are easily attracted by seeing, so she invests all she has to achieve this one goal. Picking up revealing clothes (laying bare her natural endowment which clothes was meant to cover) that which suits her class. Making men fall at her sight. It is surely a mission accomplished. A lady once called this her ministry!

Such is a goal of a woman whose breasts are uncovered! She intentionally shows her cleavages. Fresh and smooth thighs laid bare like meat for the dogs. Her goals to attract men and make herself feel sexy are good but only good for the accomplishment of the assignment of her fathers – the Satan! He has cleverly presented his proposal, well garnished with lies that “this is the trend”, he made them believe that they are not beautiful without exposing themselves. You also chose to sign in for the devil’s proposal since the day you started feeling good about going half naked.

They were ashamed…

Our primitive parents felt ashamed of their nakedness and hid themselves from the presence of God. The story has changed nowadays, when you see youth freely singing the lord’s praise with unholy, deceptive and alluring appearances in His holy house, hiding under the banner of; God looks at the heart and wants us to worship in truth and in Spirit. We fail to admit that our appearances reflect who we are inside. It reflects the state of your hearts.

Oh! I pity the men

We throw men into confusion in church by making them concentrate on our exposed cleavages and thighs instead of the word of God being preached. We forgot that we are doomed if we make any man fall, I really pity women the most. Come to think of it, apart from the feel of ‘’sexy”, what else do you get out of those indecent dresses; probably you don’t know, indecent dresses makes you cheap in the sight of men and the society at large. It Makes them see the irresponsibility in you, makes ungodly men run after you like dogs at the sight of meat, devour that thing beneath your skirt and dispose you like bones. You leave, though empty inside, but still feeling hot! The next guy grabs you, use and dumps. Isn’t it clear enough that the devil is manipulating you to destroy your life? Okay, Can you please sit, using law of diminishing return; calculate the substance that will be left for your husband? And the values indecent dressings have taken away from you? I need you need to go look for common sense. In case you don’t know, indecent dressing will take you to hell if you don’t repent. To be continued…


An old man attended a seminar where a professor was giving a speech about Jesus. When the professor ended his speech, after saying several things to prove that Jesus is not God and that he is not responsible for people’s fortune, he gave room for questions from the audience about the non-existence of Jesus! Sooner, the old man who sat in the audience quickly reached out to his bag, removed an apple, took  a bite and walk his way to the front where the professor was standing; as he approached the professor he asked him loudly, “Do you know the taste of this apple in my mouth?” The professor responded, “I don’t know unless you give me some to taste,” “but why”, the old man asked curiously, “it is because I’m not the one eating it”, the professor responded. The old man now looked into the professor’s eyeball and said “the reason you have said all these things about Jesus is because you have not tasted my Jesus. If you have, you won’t speak in this manner, and since you have not tasted him, I don’t think you have the right to talk about him in the first place”. The professor became mute and dumb founded. And the whole audience rose and applauded the old man.

Friends have you tasted Him? I mean JESUS. Have you really allowed him to take over the lordship of your life? If not, then “Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see — how good this God is. Blessed are you who run to him”. (Psalm 34:8 THE MESSAGE)