The Story was told how an Eskimo kills a wolf.

An Eskimo is a member of the very cold northern areas of North America, Russia and Greenland.

He coats his knife blade with blood and let it freeze. Then he adds another coat of blood and then another. As each coat freezes, he adds another smear of blood until the blade is hidden deep within a substantial thickness of frozen blood. Then he buries the Knife-blade up in the frozen tundra.

The wolf catches the scent of fresh blood and begins to lick it. The wolf licks more feverishly until the blade is bare.

Then he keeps on licking harder and harder. Because of the cold, he never notices the pains of the blade on his tongue. It’s cravings for taste of blood is so great that he does not realize its taste has been satisfied by its own blood. It licks the blade till it bleeds to death, swallowing its own life.

This is exactly same way the devil works in us. He gives us a taste of sin, knowing we will crave for more. We go deeper and deeper in satisfying the begging desires. We never notice the blade inside until it is too late. For some, only when they are dying do they come to sudden realization that they have swallowed their own life in sin.

However, God is calling us today;

‘Return, O dying Israel, to the Lord your God. Your sins have been your downfall!’ Hosea 14:1.

God is still willing and waiting to help you out of your self-destruction, it should be clear to you that willful sinners are self-destroyers. But God is reaching out to you saying O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help, (Hos 13:9)”.

Would you love to run to him for help today?  Then Repent of your sins, ask God to forgive you all the act of self-destruction and ask Jesus to save you. Have faith in God, He still loves you that is why you are alive to right this piece today.

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