Secular Music in the Church

 By Adegoke Adewunmi Oyindamola

I don’t get it, what is Korede Bello doing on the altar of God singing ‘godwin’ (definitely with a small g’)? I mean, it’s really disturbing. Let’s get this straight, whatever is worldly is WORLDLY! The fact that the song has “god” in it doesn’t certify it for believers’ consumption. The word of God says we shouldn’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers. That he sang and put God’s name in it doesn’t mean he got his inspiration from Him or he sang it to glorify Him (God).

It’s a fact that whatever the Lord can give, the devil can also give (which is definitely the counterfeit of what God gives). The Lord cannot give you an inspiration to write a song that glorifies him and still give you  inspiration to write one that glorifies the world…it’s either you ‘re for God or against Him, there’s no sitting on the fence.


I don’t have any problem with Korede Bello (as he has chosen his path), it’s our Pastors and church leaderships I have great issues with! They defile the ALTAR of God in unthinkable ways.. like the above. Kai!!!! This change we are clamoring for must start from/with our churches!

Music in church


This generation is set to root out unfamiliar doctrines in our churches!!! I mean, not everyone is an ‘adult’ in Christ, we definitely  have ‘babies’ who are still been fed with ‘milk’ please leaders stop giving these people ‘contaminated milk’ to feed on, let no believer think it’s ok to buy Korede Bello or whoever’s album because it has a track that refers to God ( the godwin)and when they ask you, you would say: “…ehn I bought it because of that godwin track o, besides my Pastor invited him to our church one time like that to perform the song”

Please let’s not be misled, choose your church, Pastor and ‘Father-in-the-Lord’ VERY WISELY!!! The devil doesn’t steal from you at once, he kills slowly, and he’s very strategic! Don’t let doctrines toss you to and Fro, STAND firm in Christ Jesus!


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