Music In Perspective

Should Christians listen to secular music?

Is there any pattern of music that God accept?

Is there anything like secular beat?

To get answers to this questions and many more

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Meet our Guest

unclesteveStephen YM Twan a staff of Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) since 2007 has served as Training Secretary in Kaduna, Borno, Kogi, Abuja and currently serving as Yobe Area secretary that covers Bauchi, Borno and Yobe state. He is married to Charity with the blessing of a Son.

Stephen is a preacher teacher of the gospel, a poet and as well gospel song writer and Singer at both local and international levels to Gods glory. Some of his music Albums includes:-“Rejoice FCS”, “Why stand Akimbo”, “I love Jerusalem” and a host of other singles and jingles.

He is daily involved in mobilization and training of leaders as well as discipleship and counselling activities in schools, Campuses and Church youth groups in Nigeria.

Uncle Steve will bring divine inspiration and professionalism to bear to do justice to this topic. Join us.




My innocent heart was already at his mercy,

Yet he did more damage with his searching looks,

Our eyes did meet

At that point my heart he blew away,

For split seconds I stood numb,

Trying to digest his words.


Who wouldn’t love Jerome?

I am a lady not given to men,

But he struck a special chord,

My heart is filled with fantasied junk,

But never a man with this much charm.


Nature didn’t help matters either,

The moon and stars were in full bloom,

Making it the perfect love scene,

In shyness slowly I bowed my head,

He didn’t hesitate to request again…..”KISS ME”


MY FIRST KISS would be at the priest’s command,

I’ve always treasured that,

But Jerome has shown me love and care,

How dare I hurt him now?

In fact he just proposed!!


As I pressed my tender lips against his,

That was the last I had a choice,

I became conscious of me again,

Only in the pool of mine own blood,

Jerome what have you done?


Like the Cupid’s arrow came his words,

Against my fragile soul,

“I have done nothing, we only had fun”

He chuckled and clapped his hands,

We were not alone, out came his friends

Singing praises of him!!


As they made to go he said to me

“Keep the ring if you so please”,

With a heroic smile he pointed to my stomach,

“Make sure you name him Val”!!

I couldn’t say a word as hot tears caressed my checks!!


By Omajali Joshua


kiss“You say you love the rain, but you open your umbrella when it rains. You say you love the sun, but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines. You say you love the wind, but you close your windows when it blows. That’s why I’m afraid to say  I love you”.

This was a message that cut my attention as I glanced through my mails that morning. Frank who has been having a crush on me right from high school sent me this mail after making several fruitless advances towards getting my attention. All the while I’ve pretended not to like him because I used to be a decent girl while growing up. I wouldn’t want to fail neither my parents who have confidence in me, nor my pastor who always looked at me as a model sweet sixteen among the teens.

It was on a valentine day just after Frank and I got admission into same university. It was not a coincidence in Frank’s part rather it was another great opportunity for him to win my uncompromising heart. After reading the mail, I was down thinking, though never had intention of hooking up with any guy till my third year, because I wanted to face my studies squarely and hooking up could be a lot of distractions.

Still pondering on the mail, my phone rang. It was frank. He asked if I could come on a date with him that night at a guest house close to my school. At first I didn’t like the idea, but I gave it a second thought considering the fact that Frank has been someone I had admired secretly. I gave a positive response to it.

After that night we got talking and later he demanded for just a kiss – my first kiss – after much thought I gave him. He then asked for something that I have treasured all this while – My Virginity. But I resisted. This persisted until after three attempts. But after his third attempt, I was scared of losing him totally. Lacking idea of what next to do, wanting to keep him but avoiding to yield to his request, I was then found at a cross road of either to lose him or to comprise my stands. Obviously he wasn’t getting a very clear “NO” from me. Then he knew I could submit after further persuasions. Having read really wide on how to escape the consequences of sex and STDs, my logistics were decent and my level of desire was raised high. I resolved to give him a chance, with full confidence that I can avoid the dangers of pre-marital sex. I removed the umbrella while in the rain to show my love to the rain, I stayed under the scorching heat of the sun to make the sunshine happy. I opened my windows not minding the wind. But alas, my dead weight could not bear the force of the wind. The wind neglected my outward beauty, prestige, friend… It attacked my spirit, soul and body.

Little did I know that the contraceptive that Frank used failed. I got pregnant and we decided to abort it. We went to a far place in order to protect my integrity. On our way to the hospital we fell into the hand of the arm robbers. All attempts made to heed to toes was met with two bullets from their Ak47 separating my epithelial tissue down to the sebaceous gland before reaching out for my femur. The next thing, I saw myself in the hospital with a device hung for administering fluid into my veins. Mum was right beside me with a facial expression of a depressed and disappointed poor woman.

Ouch! My life was blown away from God’s presence, and my soul was given to the devil. My spirit was no longer sensitive to His voice. I was driven out of His tent, my soul was disturbed. I tried to put myself together, got back on my feet and move on with my life, but the ground was slippery. Despite the sunshine, my days are dark and cold. Walking during daylight does not stop me from stumbling. I could not attain the best of my academics because understanding becomes rare to me. Oh just because of *My First Kiss!*

First kiss is the beginning of some people’s joy if it is done at the right and God’s own time but mine opens door for trauma. My pain is like a rain falling in stream of tears. Had I known I wouldn’t have submitted to him, my dreams, ambition, talent, vision, purpose was aborted in the twinkle of an eye. May be, if I come to this world again I may achieve my aim.

Young lady! Did I just hear you saying your own story can never be as worst as this? It may interest you to know that each steps you take towards compromising your moral stands is a gradual process to a similar life as the girl in this story; an emotional ‘shatteredness’ and destiny wretchedness. Don’t you think it will be wise to watch your steps? You’re your eyes. Remember life is a seed. Whatever foundation you lay now must reflect in whatever building we see tomorrow. So be wise!

By Odesola Taiwo

Do you have an article that you think can bless the life of guys and girls out there, then feel free to share it with us and we will publish it on this blog.

Changing The World Via “Social Entrepreneurship” – Meet Our Guest

20141218_144743Gbenga Isaac Oni is a Social entrepreneur and a development worker dedicated to integral development work and community engagement for social justice and sustainable development. He supports peace projects resulting in wealth creation, service delivery and poverty reduction. As a budding development Economist he promotes small businesses and sound policy as a tool for economic development & peace building.

He has over 2 decade volunteering experience, and 7 years of professional experience including long-term positions in development project design and management, agriculture, community/resource mobilization (raised over 1 million dollar so far), for project in Northern Nigeria.

Trained as an economist and policy expert. He is passionate about unlocking potentials of young adults to address poverty, conflict, and food security across Africa.

Oni Studied Agricultural economics and extension and has certificate in Business and Entrepreneurship and Development Economics and International Development Grade from Lincoln University of Missouri and Massachusetts Institute of Technology respectively.

In this symposium, expect to learn and be equipped with all the necessary tools needed as a social entrepreneur to change your world.

He is currently the Country Coordinator, African Network of Youth Policy Expert (AfriNYPE), Mandela Washington Fellow 2016 US-State Department, Generation Change Fellow 2015 United State Institute of Peace (USIP), Democracy Fellow 2011 Yougstars-Nigeria/National Endowment for Democracy-USA and LEAP Alumni 2004


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Save the date –  Saturday 4th February, 2017.


Meet our Guest for this Week

making-decision“Young Life Forum” is an online Symposium organised by FCS aid4Life to discuss some critical issues that affect the lives of young people with the aim of responding holistically to people’s need.

This week we have been discussing “Making Right Decision in 2017” and we will be rounding it up with the symposium proper on Saturday, 14th  January, 2017, by 4:30PM. Our guess will be Ojele Ademu.


Ojale ademu is the president of Full Option Impacts, a UK based charity organization committed to helping individuals and organizations realize their dreams and become the best through leadership development, capacity building and life coaching.

He is an astute leadership developer, itinerant minister, trainer & coach, consultant and transformational speaker per excellence. His principal life’s anchor revolves around value creation for individual and organization.

He has experience from several spiritual leadership positions including the president of Fellowship of Christian students, Kogi State University, President, Nigeria Christian Corpers fellowship; Minister, HarvestHouse Christian centre, where he pastored for ten years. Oj, has been privilege to be involved in ministry as a pastor, missionary, leadership developer/trainer and coach for the last two decades. Oj likes to read and be read and has authored a few books including “The Edge of Leadership” and “The Vessel of Substance”

He is happily married to Inikpi Ademu and they are blessed with two adorable sons

In this online Symposium, Oj, will bring to play, divine inspiration and many years’ experience of making personal and organizational decisions to help you understand how to make positive decisions that will change your life forever.

Do not miss out and invite your friends as well.

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My Humble Summation as we Witness Another Christmas


Throwback to some years ago, I always looked forward for Christmas seasons, reasons been that, I saw it as times where I get to eat plenty “good food” & meat, wear “Christmas clothes”, see relatives I haven’t seen in a while, embarked on various visits, travels, adventures & journeys. I also realized that people were unusually generous during the season, so I get quite a good sum of freebies then. Hence Christmas was always what keeping my eyes on the road for.

Today as I grow older, I see people with many motives, intentions & reasons for Christmas. Just like poor me, most of their rationale are good but are not the reason for the season.
I watched people caught in the mist of activities, the glamour, celebration without the Celebrant in the picture. Shame.

Long story cut short, my humble summation as we witness another Christmas period, I will encourage us to:
1. Look beyond activities and see The reason for the season. (JESUS)
2. See this period as an opportunity to reflect Christ. (What Will Jesus Do WWJD).
3. Not just share gifts with friends and love ones but to give them the ultimate Gift of salvation (Jesus)
4. Make our world better; Add JESUS….

Merry Christmas.

Sam Peters.

Before You Go Down The Road, Hear This!

By Odesola Taiwo

There is always an imaginary road which everyone follows in life. It is obvious that, at every stage of life, we find ourselves at a crossroad! A junction between making decisions. And each times, the kind of decision made, determines the road we followed, the road we followed, determines the kind of attitudes we put on, our kind of attitudes determines our character, our character determines our destiny, the later which reveals the end of our life. So, it is very crucial to watch the roads we follow…



At every stage we get to decide for ourselves as we grow up;

  • The kind of fashion we go with
  • The kind of friends we choose.
  • The kind of career we go for.
  • You choose whether to take alcohol or not.
  • You choose to smoke or not
  • You choose whether to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or not.
  • You choose whether to have sex with your boy/girlfriend or not.
  • To indulge in exam malpractices or not.

These Roads May Seem Right or Wrong

All these roads have attractions, so convincing and alluring. You always want to explore, everyone is going down that Lain, your friends are doing it, it has become a norm. In all these temptations and anxieties, always remember that, there is a way that seems man right to a man but the end thereof is destruction.

I don’t mean that you are not matured enough to decide. But just for the sake of your future which is certainly unknown to any man. “The eyes has not seen, the ears has not heard, neither has it come to the knowledge of any man, what the lord is set to do with your life”.

You need to look beyond your own carnal eyes and look through the eyes of the lord, because he knows the end from the beginning. “I know you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born, I set you apart says the lord. Eph.5:10 says, carefully determines what pleases the lord for your own personal life and that will guide you in decision making.


Do not go down the road of the immoral…the sexually per versed, the mockers of Christian faith. 1 Cor 5:11. “Now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral. Do not even eat with such people.


You should not go because it will end your life in shambles. The plan of God for your life will be obstructed. The road leads to eternal destruction so don’t go down that road.

GUYS & GIRLS FORUM Now on Whatsapp

Guys and Girls is a monthly publication of Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS). It is a collection of various contributions and questions asked by young people about life.
In the magazine we discuss Issues that touch and Facts that work.
We are glad to announce to you that the publication’s interactive mode has been lunched on whatsapp group known as ‘Guys and Girls Forum’. The interactive discussion is to hold on Whatsapp group every Saturdays, between 5:00pm – 6:00pmguys-and-girls


For Ages between 13 to 27 or Send your Nick Name to 08167303451 on Whatsapp
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Seeing changes on my body was not funny. It was so strange; I couldn’t imagine that I was beginning to really look like my mummy. The features I saw on mummy were beginning to show on me too. I felt so embarrassed. I couldn’t even tell mummy about it. What in the world was happening to me? Was this how it happened to mum? My goodness! I was so scared and confused. Little did I know that I was on the path to puberty.


What puberty is?

Puberty is when you start making the change from being a child to being an adult. What is responsible for these changes? How do they come about? At puberty, a girl’s ovaries start to produce hormones; Oestrogen and progesterone. The effects of these hormones are seen on the body as well as on the womb (uterus). So the changes are preparation for motherhood; that sounds scary right? Don’t worry. They cause breasts and hair growth, body change to that of a typical female, menstruation and also mood changes.

Handling the Changes

How do I handle this? I asked myself, I asked my friends in school to know if they were going through similar changes. Then I found out I was not the only one. Sigh of relief. So what do I do? I need to take care of these changes. By now I was more sensitive to boys around me. I wanted to appear attractive to them.  Of course is all part of puberty. So I knew I needed to bath every day and keep clean, wash my underwear every day to avoid bad odours and to be confident.

The Pain of Menstruation

What about those mood swings? At a moment I felt like laughing, at the next I felt like crying. I wanted to be stable. Hmm, these changes must have really come to stay. Menstrual pain made me sick. I never looked forward to the experience. Could this be what the senior girls and the female teachers in my school talked about? Oh no! What do I do? So I started studying myself. I learnt that exercise relieves the pain. Hot water therapy (drinking hot water coffee or using hot water bottle on the tummy) also helps. Drugs can be used too but the drugs have side effects which I didn’t want to experience. So I would rather do exercises.

Going emotional

I became so conscious of the presence of boys around me. I started growing emotional feelings for them. But I had heard mum and some other elderly women say that if a girl comes close to a boy, she will get pregnant. Ha! I don’t want to get pregnant. I want to study; I want to become a professional whom everyone in the society respects. But does that mean I won’t talk to them? I want to talk to them. I want them to be my friends. I learnt that I can talk to them, they can even be my friends but I must be careful not to allow them touch my body anyhow. I must not be sexually involved with them. If not, my dream could get dashed.


My Counsel

Entering into the stage of puberty can be strange and embarrassing. However, it is a reality you must accept. You need to handle it properly so that you don’t look back at that stage and regret you did the things you did. Talk to mummy about the changes you see. Remember mum has passed through the stage. You can talk to aunties too. But make sure they are goodly ones. You will be helped.

As I grew, I learnt that I can talk to God about everything and anything. So I would tell God every month that I don’t want pain during my period he will answer me. Funny right? It works. Tell God about everything and he will help you.

If you are blessed share with your friends. For counselling and questions Contact +2348167303461, +2348065555588,

HIV/AIDS: What You Can do as Individual and as a Church


What can you do? How can you make the difference? Firstly, always start with what you already have. It’s a scriptural principle. God’s work done in God’s way never lacks God’s supplies, as Hudson Taylor, the famous missionary to china once said. So what is God calling you to do? What has he laid on your heart?

You need neither funds nor large team to start. It costs nothing to care for a friend or neighbor, or to talk to your own children and colleagues about HIV and AIDS, or to include HIV issues in your church teaching, programme, work training schemes, or school curriculum. Together we can make real difference.

You may not be able to save the whole world but you can save someone getting HIV somewhere. You may not be able to help all those with HIV or orphaned by it, but you can give practical help and encouragement to a few and you can get involved in other projects that are already running. But do it all in fellowship with others. Such work can be stressful, draining and lonely and you will need people supporting you too.

What about larger projects? Thousands of programmes have been developed, countless papers published and millions of dollars expended in the struggle against HIV/AIDS. Yet spread of the pandemic rapidly continues.  Many governments and NGO agencies now recognize that their strategies are failing to stem the tide, yet continue to pump money into condom distribution alone and one-off awareness campaigns, neither of which address related problems such as poverty, education, the right of the women, and broader lifestyle questions.

Look around you; there is certainly something you can, no matter how small. Do something to day.

To know more about FCS  HIV response project and how to partner with us, contact or call Mr Zakka; 08065555577, 08065555588. Visit