Meet Our Guest/Facilitator

img-20161006-wa0006Born and brought up in Borno State, Nigeria. Mathias Zakka is a Medical Doctor with Federal Medical Centre, Janlingo. He was among the fortunate few to be brought up in the way of the lord from childhood.  He is a strong believer and advocate of sexual purity both before and during marriage and his passion is to see both old and young people living a life above any form of sexual sin.

He has been working with children and young people as far back as 1992, serving as a Sunday school teacher, president of Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), and youth missionary. He attended University of Maiduguri and Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Dr Zakka, will be employing his personal and professional experience and divine inspiration to deal with the issue of sex from both medical and spiritual perspective. Please stay tune and don’t miss out.


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Meet our Guest for this Week

making-decision“Young Life Forum” is an online Symposium organised by FCS aid4Life to discuss some critical issues that affect the lives of young people with the aim of responding holistically to people’s need.

This week we have been discussing “Making Right Decision in 2017” and we will be rounding it up with the symposium proper on Saturday, 14th  January, 2017, by 4:30PM. Our guess will be Ojele Ademu.


Ojale ademu is the president of Full Option Impacts, a UK based charity organization committed to helping individuals and organizations realize their dreams and become the best through leadership development, capacity building and life coaching.

He is an astute leadership developer, itinerant minister, trainer & coach, consultant and transformational speaker per excellence. His principal life’s anchor revolves around value creation for individual and organization.

He has experience from several spiritual leadership positions including the president of Fellowship of Christian students, Kogi State University, President, Nigeria Christian Corpers fellowship; Minister, HarvestHouse Christian centre, where he pastored for ten years. Oj, has been privilege to be involved in ministry as a pastor, missionary, leadership developer/trainer and coach for the last two decades. Oj likes to read and be read and has authored a few books including “The Edge of Leadership” and “The Vessel of Substance”

He is happily married to Inikpi Ademu and they are blessed with two adorable sons

In this online Symposium, Oj, will bring to play, divine inspiration and many years’ experience of making personal and organizational decisions to help you understand how to make positive decisions that will change your life forever.

Do not miss out and invite your friends as well.

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